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According to the RCMP Canadian Practical Guide To Scam Protection
“Your personal information can be used to commit mortgage fraud under your name. A criminal assumes your identity and poses as yourself. They can then gain control of your residential land title, sell the property or obtain a mortgage on it. They can also purchase and acquire mortgages under your name. Mortgage fraud is often facilitated by negligence or the collaboration of some professionals.”
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What is Title Monitoring?

Title monitoring is the process of tracking and monitoring changes to a property’s title or ownership records. It can be a valuable service for individuals, businesses, and organizations for a number of reasons.

1. To protect your ownership rights: Monitoring your property title can help you ensure that your ownership rights are not being challenged or infringed upon by anyone else.

2. To stay informed about changes to your property: If any changes are made to your property, such as a lien being placed on it or a boundary dispute, monitoring your property title can help you stay informed and take action if necessary.

3. To prepare for a sale or refinance: If you are planning to sell your property or refinance your mortgage, monitoring your property title can help you identify and resolve any issues that could impact the sale or refinance process.

4. To protect your investment: If you have a significant financial investment in your property, monitoring your property title can help you protect that investment by ensuring that your ownership rights are secure.

Billing Questions

At Canada Title Monitoring our subscription costs just $249 annually.

Yes, we’ll automatically renew your service every year so you can feel secure that your title is always being protected.

No problem, just send us an email to team@canadatitlemonitoring.ca and we’ll end your subscription. 

We will monitor your title and send a report every 6 months with current title summary and any important information or changes.

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