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5 Considerations for to Do a Fair Property Valuation

So, you are looking for your dream home. No wonder you keep yourself updated with the latest property valuation trends! 

But whenever you see a property on sale on the market, don’t just jump into it! Besides spending time on property title searches, you should always have property valuation solutions to determine if the land has a fair price. 

And, while doing valuation, you need to consider different vital facts. In this blog, we have brought those major factors into the limelight. Let’s get started!

What Factors to Take into Account While Doing a Property Valuation

Buying a property is a lifetime investment. Yet, a random land purchase without any research is not a good idea! Just like you do research on the property title and property title insurance, go ahead with property valuation similarly to ensure you pay a fair price for the land. 

To do so, consider these major factors that come into play in the case of property valuation. Such as:


Do you know that property location can actually drive up its value? That’s right! The better access the land has, the better value it will have. In this case, there are a lot of deciding factors, including the climate, crime rate, population and much more. Each of them plays a great role in determining the property value. 


The value of a property also depends on the amenities available around it. For example, when land is near healthcare centres or schools, it will attract more potential buyers, and so is more pricey. In fact, the properties with access to industrial areas and IT parks or those that reduce commuting to school or work can fetch a higher price! 

So check if the property you desire to buy really deserves that much price!

Transport system

During property valuation, never miss out on the transport! The availability of primary means of transport, especially public transportation, such as buses and trains, can actually fetch a bigger amount of land because it’s the most important question for most buyers looking for a residential property. So, while valuing land, consider this aspect for sure!

Property design and condition

Will you pay for a worn-out or broken-down building? No one else! It means property conditions really come into play for a profitable deal, especially for property value. The more repair work is done in the building, the less price it will fetch. On the contrary, aesthetic building designs increase the property value as well. 


Last but not least is the documents. You should always consider the approvals and paperwork while doing property valuation. Always double-check all the documents, including the property insurance, property title search, clearances and so on. 

Summing Up

Both property purchase and sale need a fair property valuation. You should never go ahead with an informal estimate! For an accurate property valuation, the best thing you can do is subscribe to Canada Title Monitoring! Our Title Tracker based on SAAS software can provide the best property valuation solutions alongside ownership records and property title changes.  Why wait, then? Download the app from Google Play Store or Apple Store Now!